About Kingstone

Kingstone is the cornerstone in the new world of African music. We know the greatness of its past, the complexity of its present and the huge potential of its future. We are the only significant African company to combine publishing, recordings, management and booking under one roof.

The artists and writers are the foundation of our activities. Constructive collaborations is key. Win-win deals is our rule. We work with the mission of breaking borders and building bridges.


Kingstone is 360° music company, providing services in all fields of the music industry. We help artists, composers and song-writers to professionalize and spread music worldwide - both by physical and digital distribution but also by broadcasting, synchronization, promotion and marketing. Kingstone also provides full-range management and international booking.

Kingstone is a crucial partner for protecting rights and revenues that music generate around the world. We advice, inform and collect so our talents benefit of all different resources that their music generate. Our mission is to maximize our talents incomes.

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We're proud to work with talented artists



South African top artist.

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  • OC Ukeje

    Award-winning actor and artist.

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  • Ifeanyi

    Talented singer and songwriter.

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  • Junior Natural

    Reggae artist from Sweden.

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  • Vector

    Rap super star from Nigeria.

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  • Cleo Thelma

    One of Africa’s hottest female rapper.

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  • Egar Boi

    Talented producer, songwriter and artist.

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  • Le Wise

    Acclaimed street poet and slam artist.

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    The best of Chadian music

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  • Vicky

    Gabon’s hottest female rapper

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    The new confident sound

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    Urban afro dance

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    The best of Congolese rap

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  • J-RIO

    Productive music talent

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  • MH OKO’O

    Conscious African rap

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    Cameroonian hip hop

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    Working with Kingstone

    Yes, it’s true that talented people surround themselves with talented people. Do you want to join us and contribute with your skills to our fabulous team at Kingstone Records? Don’t hesitate to contact us. The minimum requirement is a generous spirit, a genuine passion for music and the ability to share that passion with clear conviction. The rest? We can discuss. .

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    Collaborating with music

    Are you a music label with a great back catalogue that deserves to be shared with the rest of the world? Or are you a beat maker, do you write songs, create videos or play an instrument in a way that stands out? At Kingstone, we know that content is King. We’re constantly looking for new collaboration partners. Contact us to join our network team. .

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