Le Wise


The acclaimed street poet and slam artist Le Wise was born in Gabon’s capital Libreville in 1987.

Thanks to his extraordinary gift of observing and expressing himself, people in the capital referred to the young man as « wise » which characterizes a clairvoyant, lucid and sensible person in the local street language. That’s how he got his name and how his artistic career started to take form.

It’s in 2009 that Le Wise discovers slam through friends at the University. He starts attending poetry workshops and writing his own texts. He is quickly known for his atypical style, inspired by the language of street youth (the toli bangando) and his a particular philosophy and world view.

His soft and sensitive voice in combination with his sharp words and edgy analysis stands out and makes Le Wise a remarkable artist unlike other acts of his era. He reflects and express in his own way.

The unique style makes the President of Gabon notice Le Wise’s talent of communicating. It opens up new opportunities and new doors for expressing his musical skills to a larger audience. Le Wise is invited to tell the story of the recent development of his home-country Gabon. Beautiful music and videos accompany his slam stories and becomes a window for the African continent.

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