Plug in with Kingstone for a wide range of professional services that can help you bring your music project to the next level. Kingstone Records have representatives and partners around the world - from Johannesburg, Lagos and Yaoundé on the African continent, to London, Paris and Stockholm in Europe and Los Angeles in the United States.

We know the importance of combining local connections with a global and international strategy for making music reach a maximum of people and for placing music in both traditional music channels and in new innovative contexts.

Kingstone is specialized in the creative process of music- and content creation, in global distribution and placement of music in different contexts, as well as the corporative business side of the industry. We hold the juridical expertise for protecting different material and immaterial rights and we have an experienced team specialized in administration and collection of revenues that music generates around the world. Kingstone manage talents internationally and book artists and celebrities to events, shows, commercials and appearances. We're all about making it happen.



Recorded Music

We produce new music and we provide expert management of your already exiting catalogue. Our A&R team have decades of experience from accompanying artists during recording sessions. We discover, sign and accompany newcomers and legendary top sellers. Our constantly growing catalogue of music productions and collaborating artists are crucial components for adding value to your musical project.


Kingstone can take your sound to the next level. Our extraordinary sound engineers have top studios around the globe and knows how to make a great mix at any time. Our mastering experts puts the final magical touch. We can also provide the different codes required for distribution and radio (ISRC, UPC, EAN codes).



We take your music around the world. We distribute music to major stores and platforms on all continents. We advice on the launch strategy, manage pre-order and official releases. We also make sure your music is monetized on different platforms, including YouTube, Soundcloud etc. For artists who want more, we can help build the artist profilefurther by adding tailor-made remixes, featuring versions and ringtones.


Even though we live in a digital area, a physical distribution can benefit your artist career. Physical cd’s and vinyl records are still the best promotion tools in some communities and territories. We can set it up for you.



Our experienced communications team knows how to build your artist profile and establish you as an artist on the international arena. We have the tools, network and know-how to accompany artists through the entire process - from conceptualizing the artist biography, perfecting the image and styling to securing an online branding and a 360° communication.


Music is all about communication. Kingstone can deal strategical partnerships and manage marketing budgets efficiently. We help developing a strategy and a detailed planning. We have the tools for personalizing your artist image on different streaming services like iTunes, Spotify and YouTube, and we can help setting up a VEVO-channel and promote your music and videos.


Our creative team custom-make cover art, logotypes, animations and the different artworks needed for the music platforms. We make multi-format music videos and films for a digital world, marketed and screened worldwide. We manage everything from online branding and web design to videos and merchandising.


We tailor-make promotion plans, digital strategy, social media campaigns, radio plugging and promotion campaigns on TV, radio, press. We think outside the box and have great experience from special operations in cooperations with brands and sponsors . Our wide network is our strength.



We manage talents for opportunities around the world. Strategy… Get legal : Let us deal with the legalities and protection of your rights. We handle the paperworks, negotiate and handle contacts with third party to raise the value pf you as an artist… and deal with artists, actors, celebrities, sport stars…


We take care of talent management and live bookings worldwide.



Get played and get paid - worldwide. Kingstone manages publishing rights and search for new opportunities of music placement. We are a member of a wide network of performing right societies and right holder organisations around the world. We administer, collect and pay out revenues arising from songwriting and music composition.



We manage all rights linked to music. Our juridical team is specialized in both material and immaterial rights, including copyright, publishing, mechanical rights and neighboring rights. Kingstone register, protect and monetize music rights. We also have hands-on experience in dealing with copyright infringement in practice.


Discover a world of music available to license from our one-stop international licensing hub. We create and manage opportunities to find the perfect song for your film, trailer, TV show or video game. We introduce and pitch your music to the leading artists, A&R staff, managers, producers and brands to find the perfect mat

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