Music by female rapper and beat-maker Vicky is the buzzing sound from speakers throughout Gabon. She was born in 1996 in Libreville, Gabon. As a 12 year old girl, she moves to Lille in France. That’s where her beat-making cousin brings her with him to the studio to show her the art of music-making. Vicky is mesmerized by the sound and decides to dedicate her time and energy to what she loves. She starts composing her first songs and shares her compositions on the internet. A great hype is created around the music by the 17-year old lady with an attitude of a real artist, which triggers her to continue to evolve in her music making. She meets producer Owoninho who decides to take her under his wing. She releases "Leggo" on Youtube. So far, so good.

Back in Libreville during the summer holidays, Vicky discovers that her song is played everywhere - both on the radio and in clubs throughout the country. It's a real hit, to the point where a dance step was created especially for her song. Today, Vicky continues to work to evolve her music, with the greater certainty that she wants to make her passion a reality.

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